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Season 2
Autobot Spike
Changing Gears
The Autobot Run
The Immobilizer
Day of the Machines
The Core
City of Steel
A Prime Problem
Dinobot Island 1
Dinobot Island 2
Triple Takeover
The Golden Lagoon
A Decepticon In King Arthurs Court
The Secret of Omega Supreme
Attack of the Autobots
Atlantis Arise!
Enter the Nightbird
Insecticon Syndrome
Master Builders
Desertion of the Dinobots1
Desertion of the Dinobots2
Megatrons Master Plan 1
Megatrons Master Plan 2
Blaster Blues
The God Gambit
Make Tracks
Child's Play
The Gambler
Sea Change
Prime Target
Auto Bop
Hoist Goes to Hollywood
The Search For Alpha Trion
The Key to Vector Sigma 1
The Key to Vector Sigma 2
War Dawn
The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
Trans-Europe Express
Cosmic Rust
Starscream's Brigade
The Revenge Of Bruticus
Quest for Survival
Aerial Assault


After a dogfight with the Decepticon Jets, the Aerialbots express their admiration of the Decepticons' skill in battle, while Teletran One warns the autobots that strange energy readings have been discovered on Cybertron. The Autobots leave aboard Omega Supreme to investigate.

Megatron plans to lure the Aerialbots toward his new time machine, the Chronosphere, to be rid of them once and for all. The Decepticon Jets lure the Aerialbots to the Chronosphere and Megatron activates the device in an attempt to send them deep into the ages before the galaxy existed.

The Autobots rush in and stop the device, but not before the Aerialbots are sent back 9 Million Years. The Decepticons retreat and the Autobots try to repair the machine in order to retrieve the Aerialbots.

Meanwhile, 9 million years in the past, the Aerialbots find themselves in the Golden Age of Cybertron. They meet some young Autobots named Orion Pax, Aerial and Dion. The Aerialbots also see Megatron, Shockwave and Soundwave flying overhead. The young Autobots are amazed by the Decepticons' flying ability and show their admiration.

Megatron greets Orion, and inquires about the energy stored in the warehouse, then attacks the Autobots. Aerial, Dion and Orion are severely wounded by Megatron and found by the Aerialbots.

The Aerialbots take Orion Pax to a younger Alpha Trion, who senses a special quality about the young Autobot, and takes him in for repairs. Later, he reveals Orion Pax's new body and name: Optimus Prime. Alpha Trion decides to rebuild Aerial into Elita One, as the Aerialbots and Optimus Prime go to confront Megatron. Optimus decimates the Decepticon forces while the Aerialbots destroy the Energy Warehouse.

Back in the present, the Decepticons reactivate the body of a dead Guardian Robot, in hopes to hinder the Autobots attempts to rescue the Aerialbots. The Autobots fight the headless Guardian, as the Aerialbots are returned to the present.

The Aerialbots merge into Superion and trash the headless Guardian, forcing the Decepticons to retreat.


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