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Season 4
Rebirth Part 1
Rebirth Part 2
Rebirth Part 3


It is the year 2007. The Autobots have heard little or nothing from the Decepticons since Optimus Prime's return, though Optimus Prime has been troubled by strange visions that he has been having. But as they sit in Autobots City, they detect an attack force of all known Decepticons converging upon Earth, heading toward Autobot City. While the Autobots fight the massive Decepticon inavsion, the Decepticon Clones, Pounce & Wingspan sneak into Autobot city's walls and break into its inner sanctum, stealing the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Once they have the Key, the Decepticons all leave Earth and head toward Cybertron. Optimus Prime finds that the Key has been stolen, and alerts the Autobots on Cybertron, while he prepares the rest of the Autobots on Earth to fly to Cybertron to stop Galvatron.

Several Autobots board a shuttle and head 12 levels below Generator C, into Cybertron, to the Plasma Energy Chamber in hopes of beating Galvatron there and stopping whatever plan he has. Scourge gets there first and opens the Plasma Energy Chamber with the Key. Plasma Energy overloads anything that converts matter into energy. The uncontrollable energy overloads Scourge, allowing the Autobot Cerebros and Spike to retrieve the Key. The doors to the Chamber slowly close, with bolts of energy still blasting out through the cracks. As they return to the shuttle it is hit by a bolt of Plasma Energy and sent bursting through Cybertron's surface and streaking into space. Cyclonus revives Scourge, who reports that the Autobots took the Key and blasted off. Galvatron orders the Decepticons present to chase after the Autobots and retrieve the Key.

The Autobot Shuttle crashes into a world called Nebulos, which is inhabited by green-skinned humanoids called Nebulans. Nebulos is currently engaged in a civil war between a group called the Hive, who control machines with their minds and dominate the planet, and Machine-hating Rebels who hope to overthrow the Hive's totalitarian regime. The Autobots, with Spike & Daniel, flee the shuttle before it explodes. As they travel across the planet, the Autobots are captured by the Nebulan Rebels. The Rebels mistake the Autobots for Hive machines and set them for execution.

The Decepticons arrive and the Autobots convice the Nebulans to release them so that they may be able to fight the Decepticons. During the battle the Autobots Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, Pointblank, Sureshot & Crosshairs are capured by the Decepticons and Daniel is severely injured, requiring life-support. The remaining six Autobots, Hardhead, Chromedome, Brainstorm, Cerebros, Highbrow & Arcee are kept from pursuing the Decepticons by the Hive Machines that guard the forest surrounding the Rebel camp.

The Autobots team up with the rebels to convert 5 of the Autobots' heads into transforming Exosuits, so that they may gain an advantage over the Hive Machines and the Decepticons. Through their partnerships they hope to merge the strength and firepower of the Autobots with the knowledge and experience. Cerebros refuses to have his head used, citing his hatred for battle, while Arcee requests that Daniel be made her partner, so that she may protect him.

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