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Season 4
Rebirth Part 1
Rebirth Part 2
Rebirth Part 3


Four of the Nebulan Rebels choose Autobot heads to inhabit. Duros, the Military leader, choose Hardhead, the tank. Arcana, the scientist, chooses Brainstorm, who is also a scientist. Stylor chooses Chromedome and Gort is left with Highbrow. Arcee's head is fitted with life support equipment and Daniel is placed within her head. They dub themselves Headmasters. The Headmasters quickly overwhelm and destroy the Hive Machines they encounter. Far away, the Hive watch, angered by the destruction of their minions.

On Cybertron, Optimus Prime discovers that the Autobots he sent to the Plasma Energy Chamber are missing, as is the Key. He heads to Vector Sigma for help with the mystery. Optimus uses the Matrix's shell to activate Vector Sigma and merge with it. Inside he meets Alpha Trion, who tells him the ones he seeks are on Nebulos, as is the Key. Alpha Trion also states that the Key must not be destroyed, and that the future of Cybertron depends upon the merging of Autobot life with Organic beings.

Back on Nebulos, the Headmasters attack the Decepticons and free the Autobot captives. The Autobots destroy the Decepticon ship, which Unicron had created, and send the Decepticons fleeing into the forest. There, the Decepticons are all captured by the Hive Machines and taken to the Hive's city, Scorponok, where the Hive leader, Zarak, makes the Decepticons an offer they cannot refuse. The Hive's bodies have withered and become useless since they have developed their minds' Technopsionics. Zarak demands that the Decepticons give up their heads, to be converted into robotic exosuits for the Hive to use, as the Autobot Headmasters do. Cyclonus says that the Hive can only convert the heads of the Decepticons with Animal forms and he offers up the weapons of the other 5 Decepticon for conversion instead. All of the Hive merge with the Decepticons, except for Zarak, who stays behind to work on a project concerning their city. Cyclonus is bonded with Nightstick, Scourge with Fracas, Misfire with Aimless, Slugslinger with Caliburst, Triggerhappy with Blowpipe, Apeface with Spasma, Snapdragon with Krunk, Mindwipe with Vorath, Skullcruncher with Grax, Weirdwolf with Monzo. The Decepticons that gave up their weapons to the Hive become known as Targetmasters.

Back at the Rebel camp, Cerebros returns from exploring the forest, damaged and rambling about a city that he has found, just as the Decepticon Headmasters and Targetmasters arrive. The Decepticons and their Hive partners attack and retrieve the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber from Brainstorm. They return back to Scorponok once they get the Key. Brainstorm and Arcana convert the formerly captive Autobots' weapons into Targetmasters for more of the Nebulan Rebels to inhabit, shortly before Optimus Prime arrives in an Autobot Shuttle. Optimus Prime leads and assault upon the Decepticons and the Hive to get the Key back. Arcee and Daniel get the Key back from Scourge, just as Zarak's project arises from the ground.

The Hive city, Scorponok, bursts forth from the ground and transforms into an enormous robotic scorpion with Zarak as its Headmaster.

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