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Season 2
Autobot Spike
Changing Gears
The Autobot Run
The Immobilizer
Day of the Machines
The Core
City of Steel
A Prime Problem
Dinobot Island 1
Dinobot Island 2
Triple Takeover
The Golden Lagoon
A Decepticon In King Arthurs Court
The Secret of Omega Supreme
Attack of the Autobots
Atlantis Arise!
Enter the Nightbird
Insecticon Syndrome
Master Builders
Desertion of the Dinobots1
Desertion of the Dinobots2
Megatrons Master Plan 1
Megatrons Master Plan 2
Blaster Blues
The God Gambit
Make Tracks
Child's Play
The Gambler
Sea Change
Prime Target
Auto Bop
Hoist Goes to Hollywood
The Search For Alpha Trion
The Key to Vector Sigma 1
The Key to Vector Sigma 2
War Dawn
The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
Trans-Europe Express
Cosmic Rust
Starscream's Brigade
The Revenge Of Bruticus
Quest for Survival
Aerial Assault


On Titan, Saturn's largest moon, a society of alien humanoids is forced to worship false idols called "sky gods". A rebel named Taleria battles the greedy High Priest Jaro for freedom from his religious tyranny.

Pursued by Astrotrain, Cosmos tries to lose the Decepticons by passing through Saturn's rings, but he is shot down and crashes on Titan, where Jaro declares Cosmos to be a sky god. Astrotrain, Starscream and Thrust arrive, and use the people's religion and claim to be the sky gods, with Astrotrain as their supreme sky god, much to Starscream's disdain. Astrotrain takes the coded energy data that Cosmos carried and leaves the disabled Autobot as an idol for the people to revere.

Taleria, curious about these "sky gods" accidentally contacts Optimus Prime and activates Cosmos' signal beacon. The Decepticons try to capture Taleria, but she escapes.

Omega supreme launches carrying Jazz and Perceptor, to rescue Cosmos and his energy data, while Jaro takes the Decepticons to the "Fire Gods' Lair" which is filled with powerful energy crystals. Omega runs out of fuel and crashes on Titan. Jazz and Perceptor disembark and find Taleria, who leads them to Cosmos. Jazz and Perceptor battle Starscream and Thrust, while the cliff that Omega lies on threatens to rumble into a river of liquid energy called Electric Lava.

Astrotrain arrives with Titans who have tied energy crystals to arrows and force the Autobots to retreat and Taleria is captured by Astrotrain for a sacrifice. Jazz and Perceptor find the Crystal chamber as well as some disillusioned Titans who lead Jazz to Taleria, while Perceptor refuels Omega Supreme with some Electric Lava Crystals, allowing Omega to get out of his predicament.

Jazz rescues Taleria while Perceptor and Omega Supreme land outside of the temple. Starscream and Thrust flee from Omega, while Astrotrain enters the Electric Lava Crystal cavern. Perceptor and jazz repair Cosmos, as Astrotrain detonates the Electric Lava Crystals, forcing the Autobots and Titan to seek refuge. Astrotrain and the Decepticons abandon Titan and return to space, leaving Jaro to meet his fate among the exploding crystals.

Omega Supreme forms a bridge over the Electric Lava and leads everyone to safety, where they can rebuild their society, free from Jaro's tyranny.


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Submitted by: BlackZarak ......................... 2000 Axalon Underground

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