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Season 2
Autobot Spike
Changing Gears
The Autobot Run
The Immobilizer
Day of the Machines
The Core
City of Steel
A Prime Problem
Dinobot Island 1
Dinobot Island 2
Triple Takeover
The Golden Lagoon
A Decepticon In King Arthurs Court
The Secret of Omega Supreme
Attack of the Autobots
Atlantis Arise!
Enter the Nightbird
Insecticon Syndrome
Master Builders
Desertion of the Dinobots1
Desertion of the Dinobots2
Megatrons Master Plan 1
Megatrons Master Plan 2
Blaster Blues
The God Gambit
Make Tracks
Child's Play
The Gambler
Sea Change
Prime Target
Auto Bop
Hoist Goes to Hollywood
The Search For Alpha Trion
The Key to Vector Sigma 1
The Key to Vector Sigma 2
War Dawn
The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
Trans-Europe Express
Cosmic Rust
Starscream's Brigade
The Revenge Of Bruticus
Quest for Survival
Aerial Assault


While at a rock concert, Blaster transmits the music through all of the Autobots' communication frequencies, annoying the Autobots and blaring over a distress signal from Professor Haley, whose long range communication device, the Voltronic Galaxer, has been stolen by the Decepticons. Megatron loads the Voltronic Galaxer into Astrotrain, who in turn flies it to the Moon.

The Autobots are baffled by what Megatron's plan could be, until Blaster and Cosmos find Megatron's base on the Moon. They are spotted by Megatron and captured. Megatron plans to use Cosmos, Blaster and the Voltronic Galaxer to jam Earth's radio waves, and dominate them for himself.

All over the world accidents and near-misses are caused by the lack of radio communication. The Autobots work to help contain the catastrophes, while Megatron makes demands for total control of Earth's energy resources in return for giving humanity control of the airwaves. Megatron's demands are interrupted when, instead of transmitting Megatron's speech, Blaster plays loud, obnoxious rock music on all of Earth's radio frequencies. The Autobots are able to race the source of Blaster's transmissions to the Moon.

During Decepticons attack, Optimus Prime is injured. Spike, Carly and Powerglide board Omega Supreme in order to go to the Moon, and they take the unconscious Optimus with them, since they didn't think it wise to leave him unconscious and alone.

On the Moon, Megatron realizes what Blaster is doing, but Omega, Powerglide, Optimus and the humans arrive. Omega Supreme grabs Megatron and tries to force him to set Cosmos and Blaster free, but Astrotrain attacks him. Optimus Prime wakes up and battles Megatron, while Blaster and Cosmos sabotage Megatron's radio base. Omega Supreme sends Astrotrain tumbling through space and Megatron retreats.

After a little more annoyance from Blaster, Optimus has Omega take everyone back to Earth.


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Submitted by: BlackZarak ......................... 2000 Axalon Underground

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