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Season 2
Autobot Spike
Changing Gears
The Autobot Run
The Immobilizer
Day of the Machines
The Core
City of Steel
A Prime Problem
Dinobot Island 1
Dinobot Island 2
Triple Takeover
The Golden Lagoon
A Decepticon In King Arthurs Court
The Secret of Omega Supreme
Attack of the Autobots
Atlantis Arise!
Enter the Nightbird
Insecticon Syndrome
Master Builders
Desertion of the Dinobots1
Desertion of the Dinobots2
Megatrons Master Plan 1
Megatrons Master Plan 2
Blaster Blues
The God Gambit
Make Tracks
Child's Play
The Gambler
Sea Change
Prime Target
Auto Bop
Hoist Goes to Hollywood
The Search For Alpha Trion
The Key to Vector Sigma 1
The Key to Vector Sigma 2
War Dawn
The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
Trans-Europe Express
Cosmic Rust
Starscream's Brigade
The Revenge Of Bruticus
Quest for Survival
Aerial Assault


The Spacebridge doors open on Cybertron and Shockwave fires into them, disintegrating Carly's car. Spike and Carly escape unharmed and run from Shockwave as he continues to fire at them. They find refuge inside of the Decepticon Master Computer.

Spike contacts Sparkplug and Teletran One with his Thumb Transmitter. Sparkplug guides them remotely from the Decepticon Headquarters to Wheeljack's Lab, but they are being followed. When they enter the Lab, their pursuer comes crashing through the ceiling.

It turns out that Swoop has been following. Swoop tells them that the other Dinobots have been captured and forced to work in the Cybertonium Pits. Sparkplug transmits the directions to the Cybertonium Pit to Swoop, Spike and Carly.

Swoop protects the humans as they journey in search of the Dinobots. Swoop's wing is damaged by an ancient defense system, making him unable to fly. As they traverse the depths of Cybertron they discover lost Autobot information disks about Cybertronian History that stated how Transformation was invented and how the War started.

There, the Decepticons capture Swoop, Carly & Spike and take them to the Cybertonium Pit to work as slaves. They discover that the Dinobots have been rewired to be obedient slaves. Carly and Spike repair the Dinobots by reconnecting their Memory Circuits, and they break out of the Pit and destroy the Sentinel Guards.

Grimlock leads the Dinobots and Humans back to the Spacebridge. Sparkplug informs them that Teletran One has hacked into the Decepticon Controls and set the Spacebridge to open near the Autobot Volcano.

The Dinobots and humans fight past Shockwave and return to Earth with the Cybertonium. Optimus makes Spike and Carly honorary Autobots and the Dinobots agree to follow Optimus again, until they don't feel like it again.


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Submitted by: BlackZarak ......................... 2000 Axalon Underground

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