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Season 2
Autobot Spike
Changing Gears
The Autobot Run
The Immobilizer
Day of the Machines
The Core
City of Steel
A Prime Problem
Dinobot Island 1
Dinobot Island 2
Triple Takeover
The Golden Lagoon
A Decepticon In King Arthurs Court
The Secret of Omega Supreme
Attack of the Autobots
Atlantis Arise!
Enter the Nightbird
Insecticon Syndrome
Master Builders
Desertion of the Dinobots1
Desertion of the Dinobots2
Megatrons Master Plan 1
Megatrons Master Plan 2
Blaster Blues
The God Gambit
Make Tracks
Child's Play
The Gambler
Sea Change
Prime Target
Auto Bop
Hoist Goes to Hollywood
The Search For Alpha Trion
The Key to Vector Sigma 1
The Key to Vector Sigma 2
War Dawn
The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
Trans-Europe Express
Cosmic Rust
Starscream's Brigade
The Revenge Of Bruticus
Quest for Survival
Aerial Assault


The Autobots are working a sting operation on car thieves in New York City , from inside of a Garage set up for Sparkplug as part of the NYPD Crimebuster Program. After busting some thieves, Tracks goes on a drive through the city and wrecks while chasing some more thieves.

A young delinquent named Raoul finds Tracks and repairs him, but states that he plans to sell Tracks to the Ghettis Brothers, local thugs who deal in stolen cars. The Ghettis Brothers arrive for the car that Raoul has promised them, but he was one minute late, so they began to rough him up. Tracks transforms and chases the thugs away, who think that he's a robot "that's on their side". The Ghettis Brother flee and Tracks pursues them from the air, with Raoul inside, but the Ghettis Brothers get away.

Tracks surmises that the Ghettis are working with the Decepticons, due to their earlier assumption about Tracks "being on their side", so Tracks and Raoul try to find out what's really going on behind the car thefts.

Meanwhile, Cosmos and Powerglide engage Starscream in a mall, but Starscream escapes to New Jersey. The Autobots go to investigate in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Tracks and Raoul follow the Ghettis Brothers into the New Jersey woods, and find a Decepticon operation that turns regular cars into self-driving vehicles. Tracks and Raoul are almost captured by the Decepticons, but the Autobots intervene and rescue them.

Back at Sparkplug's Garage, Optimus and the other Autobots are warned that Megatron's automated cars are pouring into New York City. Some Autobots go to cut the Decepticon cars off before any more can enter, while another group goes to remove the cars that have already entered the city. When the Autobots fire upon the cars, the Decepticon cars transform into robots and begin to fight back.

The Autobots battle the robot drones, but they're being overwhelmed by sheer numbers, when Optimus and Ratchet surmise that the brainless drones must be under remote control. Optimus orders Blaster to transmit a jamming frequency that knocks out the drones.

The Autobots race to the Decepticons' facility in New Jersey and attack. Megatron captures Raoul, and nearly has the upperhand, until Raoul pops a panel on Megatron's armor and sprays paint inside, causing Megatron to malfunction. The Decepticons retreat with their wounded leader and Tracks destroys the facility.

Back in Sparkplug's garage, Tracks makes Raoul stay and help return the Drone Cars back into regular cars. Raoul swears to never steal another car after all of the trouble that Tracks has caused him.


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Submitted by: BlackZarak ......................... 2000 Axalon Underground

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