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Season 3
FF of Darkness 1
FF of Darkness 2
FF of Darkness 3
FF of Darkness 4
FF of Darkness 5
The Killing Jar
Dark Awakening
Forever is a Long Time Coming
Fight or Flee
Thief in the Night
Starscream's Ghost
Ghost in the Machine
Surprise Party
Madman's Paradise
Nightmare Planet
Carnage in C-Minor
Big Broadcast of 2006
The Quintesson Journal
Dweller in the Depths
Only Human
The Ultimate Weapon
The Face Of Ninjika
Call of the Primitives
Grimlock's New Brain
Money Is Everything
The Burden Hardest to Bear
The Return Of Optimus Prime 1
The Return Of Optimus Prime 2


The Autobots stop several Decepticon attacks and save countless lives in Japan, but Rodimus Prime is treated harshly by the Japanese politicians. Rodimus, feeling the pressure of leadership and angry at the short-sightedness of the human leaders, goes joy-riding to blow off steam. The Stunticons, Wildrider and Dead End, ambush him and make him crash. The crash causes his chest compartment to open and the Matrix to fall out. The Stunticons grab the Matrix and fly off to Charr. Marissa Fairborne finds Rodimus, who has returned to being Hot Rod.

On Charr, Galvatron places the Matrix into his cannon and is haunted by apparitions of past Autobot leaders. He orders Scourge to destroy the Matrix, but Scourge, knowing the true value of the Matrix places the Matrix into his own chest and is transformed into a twisted, monstrous, super-powered Sweep. Scourge attacks and defeats Galvatron and Cyclonus, taking command of the Decepticons. He leads the remaining Decepticons into space. After they all leave, Galvatron and Cyclonus awaken and chase after Scourge.

Back on Earth, Hot Rod wakes up and is glad to hear that the Matrix is missing. He's tired of being leader and he leaves shouting that the Autobots should go find another leader. Hot Rod meets up with a sensei that they had met during one of the earlier attacks. He counsels Hot Rod, and Hot Rod decides that he should go look for the Matrix, for it is his obligation.

The Decepticons arrive and begin to wreak havoc upon Tokyo. Hot Rod arrives and battles Scourge for the Matrix. He defeats Scourge and reclaims the Matrix, becoming Rodimus Prime again. Scourge reverts back to his previous form and is found by Galvatron, who blasts Scourge, despite his pleas and excuses. The Decepticons leave, following Galvatron, and Rodimus comes to terms with the burden of leadership.

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