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Season 3
FF of Darkness 1
FF of Darkness 2
FF of Darkness 3
FF of Darkness 4
FF of Darkness 5
The Killing Jar
Dark Awakening
Forever is a Long Time Coming
Fight or Flee
Thief in the Night
Starscream's Ghost
Ghost in the Machine
Surprise Party
Madman's Paradise
Nightmare Planet
Carnage in C-Minor
Big Broadcast of 2006
The Quintesson Journal
Dweller in the Depths
Only Human
The Ultimage Weapon
The Face Of Ninjika
Call of the Primitives
Grimlock's New Brain
Money Is Everything
The Burden Hardest to Bear
The Return Of Optimus Prime 1
The Return Of Optimus Prime 2


On Goo 8739B, the Autobots seek cover from the Decepticon assault, when Galvatron arrives and attacks the Decepticons, declaring them all traitors. The Decepticons stop their attack and swear allegiance to Galvatron, who promptly attacks the Quintesson ship.

Below, on Goo 8739B, Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus discover a facility full of televisions. Rodimus finds a transmitter and finds that Goo is owned by the Junkions. He tells Wreck Gar where they are and convinces him to come rescue them.

Back on Io, Blurr & Wheelie are attacked by some strange robotic bat creatures. Marissa Fairbourne arrives to save them, but the bat-creatures transform into missiles and destroy her ship, stranding them on Io still.

Inside the Quintesson ship, Galvatron corners the Quintessons, who then tell him that they they can take him to the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership. They agree to take him to the relic if he will let them live and destroy the Autobots on Goo. Galvatron agrees and the battle begins again. Rodimus prime is surprised to see Galvatron again, but the battle is cut short when the Autobots are sucked through the Goo by a Junkion Garbage Skow. Galvatron vows that the Junkions will suffer for thwarting him. The Skow escapes into space, after ejecting Judge Deliberata. Galvatron then destroys Goo 8739B.

On the Planet of Junk, Wreck Gar repairs Springer, while Rodimus ponders why the Quintessons want to destroy them. He walks off alone and short circuits himself, forcing his mind to venture into the Matrix again. In the Matrix he discovers that the Transformers & Cybertron were originally built by the Quintessons. The Quintessons created two lines of robots: Military Hardware & Consumer Goods. The robots were self-replicating and self-upgrading, so the Quintessons didn't have to do much work. In time the Quintessons grew cruel and wantonly destroyed their creations, or made them destroy each other in Gladiatorial Combat. The robots eventually became self-aware and turned on the Quintessons. The robot rebellion forced the Quintessons to desert Cybertron.

For a time the two lines, who became known as Autobots & Decepticons, lived in peace, until cultrual differences drove them into war with one another. To give the Autobots an edge over the sheer power of the Decepticons, the Autobots developed the ability to transform. The initial wars finally ended and peace again reigned for centuries, until Megatron started the Third Cybertronian War. Rodimus awoke on Junkion to Springer's jeers for such a fool-hearty stunt.

On Earth, the Constructicons and Quintessons build the giant Decepticon Dinosaur, Trypticon, beneath a human city. The city is destroyed as Trypticon arises from its depths.

Meanwhile on Cybertron, Kup gets a distress signal from a human ship demanding emergency landing clearance. Kup allows them to pass through the defenses. The shuttle turns and crashes into a Main Defense Center, causing the major planetary defenses to go offline. The Decepticons then move in to attack.

To be concluded in "The Five Faces of Darkness Part 5"

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