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Season 3
FF of Darkness 1
FF of Darkness 2
FF of Darkness 3
FF of Darkness 4
FF of Darkness 5
The Killing Jar
Dark Awakening
Forever is a Long Time Coming
Fight or Flee
Thief in the Night
Starscream's Ghost
Ghost in the Machine
Surprise Party
Madman's Paradise
Nightmare Planet
Carnage in C-Minor
Big Broadcast of 2006
The Quintesson Journal
Dweller in the Depths
Only Human
The Ultimage Weapon
The Face Of Ninjika
Call of the Primitives
Grimlock's New Brain
Money Is Everything
The Burden Hardest to Bear
The Return Of Optimus Prime 1
The Return Of Optimus Prime 2


On Charr, Grimlock and Rodimus Prime are surrounded and attacked by the Decepticons, who don't have the energy to use their weapons, so they use their fists and blunt objects to attack. The Decepticons retreat when it appears that a Meteor is going to hit them, but it turns out to be Springer and Arcee in the Rockaroid Ship. Rodimus Prime is unconscious as they escape. After the Rockaroid leaves, Cyclonus and the Sweeps depart for Throll, where Galvatron lay.

Elsewhere, Kup, Ultra Magnus & Spike are interrogated by their captors, who are revealed to be the Quintessons. The Quintessons express their concern over the human's unpredictability.

In space, the Rockaroid sets down, so they can check on Rodimus. Rodimus Prime tries to pass the Matrix to Springer, and appears to die. Grimlock insists that Rodimus is alive, because the Matrix never emerged from his body.

Inside the Matrix, Rodimus Prime has a strange vision of destruction by a spctral force, and wakes up mumbling about the Quintessons. He surmises from his vision that the Quintessons are the real culprits behind the kidnapping, so he leads the Autobots to the planet Quintessa.

Meanwhile on Quintessa, the captured Autobots and Human discover that they are accused of Theft, for occupying Cybertron. Kup, Ultra Magnus & Spike fight to escape from the Quintesson Guards. Spike takes one Quintesson, Judge Deliberata, hostage, but the other Quintessons sentence him to death as well, and drop them all into the Sharkticon pit.

On Throll, Scourge pulls Galvatron from the plamsa pool he is buried in, and Galvatron promptly attacks his deliverers, as he laughs maniacally. Then he stops his attack and declares that he shall return as their leader. When Cyclonus suggests that they could be Galvatron's elite guard, Galvatron assaults them again, then leads them from the planet. Galvatron blasts the planet from orbit, igniting the plasma and causing the planet to explode.

Back on Quintessa, as the Sharkticons close in for the kill, the Rockaroid comes swooping down toawrd the court, but the Quintesson defenses destroy it. The Rockaroid turns out to have been a decoy, and the Autobots fly down to rescue their comrades. While the Autobots try to escape Quintessa, the Quintessons desert the planet and set its core to explode.

As the Autobots start to lift off, the entires planet erupts.

To be continued in "The Five Faces of Darkness Part 3"

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