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Season 3
FF of Darkness 1
FF of Darkness 2
FF of Darkness 3
FF of Darkness 4
FF of Darkness 5
The Killing Jar
Dark Awakening
Forever is a Long Time Coming
Fight or Flee
Thief in the Night
Starscream's Ghost
Ghost in the Machine
Surprise Party
Madman's Paradise
Nightmare Planet
Carnage in C-Minor
Big Broadcast of 2006
The Quintesson Journal
Dweller in the Depths
Only Human
The Ultimate Weapon
The Face Of Ninjika
Call of the Primitives
Grimlock's New Brain
Money Is Everything
The Burden Hardest to Bear
The Return Of Optimus Prime 1
The Return Of Optimus Prime 2


A battle between the Autobots and Decepticons is cut short, when the comet they are fighting on is destroyed by an unusual energy blast. They trace the blast to a nearby planet, where the entire culture is based on music. The Autobots and Decepticons race to discover the secret to the harmonic weapon.

The Harmonic Weapon is created when three of the alien beings sing in harmony: Basso Profundo, Zebop Scandana & Allegra. After the comet is destroyed, tensions erupt between Allegra and Basso Profundo, so she leaves the group.

The Ultra Magnus, Blaster & Broadside meet Basso Profundo, but he refuses to help them. They are ambushed by Galvatron & Soundwave, but Zebop Scandana offers to help them as well as lead them to Allegra.

Galvatron and Soundwave find Allegra first, and tell her that if she will share her part of the harmony with them, they will help her overthrow Basso Profundo. She agrees and gives them her third of the harmony, just as the Autobots & Zebop show up. Soundwave uses Allegras part of the harmony against the Autobotsm and Zebop counters with his. Soundwave records his part and comines it with Allegra's, gaining two-thirds of the musical weapon. During the battle Zebop is hurt and Allgra heals him using harmonics.

Galvatron and Soundwave attack the other Autobots and Basso Profundo's city, gaining the final third of the destructive harmony. The Autobots and the city are badly damaged badly by the harmonic weapon. The aliens heal the Autobots with their healing harmonies after the Decepticons leave the planet to use the weapon to destroy Metroplex.

The Autobots arrive with Basso Profundo, Zebop Scandana & Allegra in time to stop the Decepticons' new weapon with anti-sound. Blaster erases the harmony from Soundwave's memory banks and the Decepticons retreat.

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