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Season 1
More Than Meets the Eye 1
More Than Meets the Eye 2
More Than Meets the Eye 3
Transport To Oblivion
Roll For It
Divide and Conquer
Fire in the Sky
S.O.S. Dinobots
Fire on the Mountain
War of the Dinobots
Ultimate Doom 1
Ultimate Doom 2
Ultimate Doom 3
Countdown to Extinction
A Plague of Insecticons
Heavy Metal War


Cybertron orbits the Earth causing worldwide destruction, as Optimus laments his actions. The Autobots and Decepticons battle as storms rise up and the ground shakes beneath.

Soundwave is ordered to use Audio-Disrupter Waves to force the Autobots into retreat, but it has the strange side effect of nullifying Dr. Archeville's Hypnochips.

Back in Dr. Archeville's lab, inside the Decepticon Base, Sparkplug is refitted with a new Hypnochip, as have the other slaves, while the Decepticons continue abducting more humans to become slaves.

The Autobots try to navigate back to base in the wicked weather, when Bumblebee has a blow out. As Spike tries to change Bumblebee's tire, a fault line opens and Bumblebee falls in and Laserbeak attempts to abduct Spike. Bluestreak and Hound rescue Spike, and Windcharger uses his magnetic abilities to pull Bumblebee out of the crevasse.

Megatron begins sending Energon Cubes to Cybertron via the Jets, since Cybertron is in such close proximity to Earth, and Dr. Archeville discovers that Megatron has duplicated his inventions, so that he is no longer needed.

Optimus Prime tries to enlist the Dinobots in a damage control mission, and despite the Dinobots indifference toward Earth's fate, self-preservation wins them over to helping the Earth.

Meanwhile the Decepticon Base suffers hull breaches, tremors and flooding due to the earthquakes and tsunamis and the Autobot Volcano become active again, erupting and blowing Autobots into the sky.

Skyfire takes a group of Autobots and Spike to Cybertron to try to discover how Megatron is controlling human minds. On Cybertron, Spike triggers a trap door; Brawn and Bumblebee follow him down. Using ventilation shafts, they infiltrate Shockwave's headquarters and learn about the Hypnochips, but Sparkplug arrives and sets off the Decepticons' alarm, warning them of the intruders.


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Submitted by: BlackZarak ......................... 2000 Axalon Underground

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