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Season 1
More Than Meets the Eye 1
More Than Meets the Eye 2
More Than Meets the Eye 3
Transport To Oblivion
Roll For It
Divide and Conquer
Fire in the Sky
S.O.S. Dinobots
Fire on the Mountain
War of the Dinobots
Ultimate Doom 1
Ultimate Doom 2
Ultimate Doom 3
Countdown to Extinction
A Plague of Insecticons
Heavy Metal War


Chip Chase discovers a strange meteor approaching Earth and requests for the Autobots' assistance. Optimus Prime thinks that the Meteor should be guarded from the Decepticons, and decides to bring the Dinobots along as heavy duty guards.

In the Decepticon Base, Megatron scolds his troops for being beaten by the Dinobots, and is determined to discover the Dinobots' weaknesses. He send Soundwave out to discover them.

Soundwave monitors the Autobots, as the meteor crashes. Optimus takes a fragment of the meteorite to examine at Autobot HQ, and leaves the Dinobots to guard the meteorite.

Optimus, expressing his pleasure at the Dinobots performance, decides that two more Dinobots should be made. Wheeljack, ratchet and Chip design the two new Dinobots, based upon a Stegosaur and a Pteranodon.

Meanwhile, Soundwave uses his telepathy to ascertain the Dinobots' weaknesses. He discovers that Slag is hostile, Grimlock is arrogant and Sludge is stupid. Megatron approaches the Dinobots and appeals to each of their personality flaws in order to turn them against Optimus Prime, allowing Megatron to sieze the meteorite and move it to a new location.

Back at the Volcano, while the Autobots construct the new Dinobots, Wheeljack tell Prime that the meteor is very unstable and could explode at any moment. Optimus leaves out to get the Dinobots away from the meteor before it explodes.

Wheeljack and Ratchet pit Bluestreak, Sideswipe, Ironhide & Prowl against the new Dinobots, Snarl and Swoop in a mock battle. The two Dinobots easily defeat the Autobots.

Optimus Prime arrives at the crater to discover the meteor missing and is attacked by the Dinobots. With his hand forced, Optimus battles the Dinobots and is quickly defeated by the Dinobots. Grimlock spares Optimus, for reasons he is not sure of, and the Dinobots deliver Optimus Prime over to the Decepticons. Optimus tries to warn Megatron about the meteor's unstable nature, but Megatron refuses to listen.

Concerned about lack of communication from Optimus, the new Dinobots are sent out to find him and the missing meteor. When Snarl & Swoop arrive, they are attacked by Grimlock, Slag and Sludge. The five Dinobots fight each other and Grimlock is knocked near the meteor, which is about to explode. Optimus pushes Grimlock away from the exploding meteor, and shields him from the blast. The Dinobots turn upon Megatron and force him to retreat.

Grimlock asks Optimus to forgive the Dinobots, and Optimus accepts.


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