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Transformers: A History - Descent

Sometime afterward, a Quintesson reconnaissance mission reported that Cybertron was gone, and a great deal of debris was left where it once was. The Quintessons assumed that their former slaves had finally destroyed each other, and took the Planet with them. The Quintessons rejoiced at the hated rebels' apparent demise. Justice, they felt, had been served.

The Third Cybertronian War raged back and forth for 5 million years. Megatron and his Decepticon Scientists developed many new weapons of war. Megatron was able to sway the Constructicons to his side, and to betray their friend, Omega Supreme, in order to destroy an Autobot stronghold. In exchange for this favor, Megatron gave the Constructicons the newly invented ability to merge into a giant robot, as large and powerful as a Guardian: Devastator.

Omega Supreme, the last Guardian & only one to be given the ability to transform, was appalled by the destruction of his beloved Crystal City and betrayal by his best friends. He could only explain their treachery as a forced attempt by Megatron to rewrite the Constructicons programming. After an attempt by Devastator to reprogram Omega Supreme, Omega swore to get revenge on the Constructicons, and hunted them where ever they went.

Finally, Cybertron's resources were exhausted. There was no more fuel left. Planet wide blackouts were occurring with increasing regularity and severity.

Optimus Prime led a group of his best officers on a trek for more energy, to tip the balance of the war. The Autobots constructed a huge golden spacecraft, which the called "The Ark", and blasted off into space. Megatron discovered this plan and pursued them with a crew of his own.

Megatron had a Spacecruiser designed for interplanetary travel, dubbed "The Nemesis". A strange Crystal known as "The Heart of Cybertron" powered it. Its origin is shrouded in mystery. It was an object of unimaginable power found in the center of a world without any energy sources left. It is rumored that it is actually a piece of Primus' spark, though perhaps it came from another being.

Two asteroids collided near the two ships, pummeling them with fragments. The Decepticons were discovered following the Ark. A boarding party of Decepticons invaded the Ark's bridge. All of the Ark's energy reserves were depleted from clearing a path through the asteroid fragments & from the insuing battle.

As they approached the third planet, its gravitational force pulled them down. The Decepticon ship followed behind on a crash course with the planet.

The 2 crews crashed on an alien planet, Earth, and were not heard from. An escape pod was released from the Decepticon ship, and crashed on an island in the Pacific Ocean. The Decepticons who survived the crash imprinted on Earth insects, and became known as Insecticons.

Shortly after Megatron's disappearance, Liege Maximo came out of hiding and led the best Decepticons off to conquer other worlds, since their home was a dead husk. The Decepticon scientists had accidentally rediscovered the ability to reproduce through budding. With a limitless supply of Decepticons, they were no longer dependent on Vector Sigma to repopulate. They left Cybertron on a mission of conquest. A group of Autobots followed them, but they were dispatched, and dumped on the Planet of Junk.

Liege Maximo's Decepticons advanced upon the Galaxy, conquering planet after planet. At some point, the new Decepticon Empire left the Milky Way Galaxy and spread to Intergalactic Star Clusters. They established a center of power which they named "The Hub", with Liege Maximo as leader. The Decepticons renamed their empire "The Cybertronian Empire". They went about reforming planets, especially inhabited ones, into new versions of Cybertron, completely replacing indigenous lifeforms with Decepticon technology and soldiers.

Many groups of Autobots left Cybertron, some in search of Optimus Prime, others sought to flee the war consuming their world.

One group of Autobots crashed on a previously uncharted world. It was uncharted, because it had not existed very long, for it had been manufactured by the Quintessons. Its name was Quintessa, and it was the new home to the Quintessons. Most of the crew perished in the crash or afterward when they were devoured by the wild mechanoid beasts that roamed the planet. The crew was wiped out so quickly that Quintessons never even knew that the Autobots were there. Only one survived, a small feisty Autobot named Wheelie. He used his cunning and wits to live among the ferocious monsters of Quintessa, and to stay hidden from their five-faced masters.

Shockwave stayed behind on Cybertron, left behind and unaware of Liege Maximo's departure, fighting the Autobots and leading the Decepticons that were still on the planet awaiting Megatron's return. Cybertron's progress was slowed massively, due to the constant energy shortages and planetary blackouts that would sometimes last for centuries or even millennia.

Soon afterward, Constructicons left Cybertron, to search for their lost leader, Megatron, and to flee their persecutor, Omega Supreme.

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Written by: BlackZarak .................... 2004 Axalon Underground
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