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Cybertron City
Energon Stars
Megatron's Sword
The New Cybertron City
Megatron Resurrected
Megatron's Raid
Starscream, the Mysterious Mercenary
Battle of the Asteroid Belt
Energon Tower
Legend of Rodimus
Crisis in Jungle City
Kicker Beware!
Energon Grid
Rodimus: Friend or Foe?
Go For Unicron!


Airdate TV Tokyo: 1/24/04 Cartoon Network: 02/14/2004

This episode opens with Alpha Q giving his new creation Scorponok instructions regarding Megatron (we also see a new large Quintesson vessel). Carlos tries to make sense of the recent attack on Mars, and perhaps what happened to Tidal wave, as he spots a comet.

Back on Earth, Prime orders Jetfire & Hotshot to investigate something regarding Energon. And apparently Ironhide is again asked to look after Kicker. Lisa informs kicker of the situation, as he appears to be upset at Hotshot about something.

Tidal wave confronts Scorponok, but when Scorponok presents him an image of his beloved fallen leader Megatron, Tidal wave willingly decides to realign himself with Scorponok.

Hotshot & Jetfire inform the Omnicons about the importance of guarding specific sites against the Terrorcons, and preventing them from stealing Earth's Energon. Kicker is up in arms and thinks that the Autobots are wasting time, so again he calls on Perceptor, and takes a 4-wheel ATV and heads off in a hurry leaving Ironhide behind. This is the new Grindor. The Omnicons then give the Autobots Energon power-ups and their new Energon weapons. The Terrorcons lead by Tidal wave attack the Autobots Desert installation, Desert City, as Hotshot is in disbelief that he would switch sides. In this battle with there are lots of Omnicons & Terrorcons getting blown up.

Tidal wave presses his attack as the Terrorcons enter the base. Hotshot is overrun as the Terrorcons bypass him to get at the Energon within, several Ravage drones become empowered as Prime & the others arrive via the Space Bridge. Kicker leads the Autobots into the base as they take out drone after drone. Tidal wave confronts Prime. Prime asks why he is doing this, and Tidal wave utters that he must revive Megatron, which Prime cannot believe since Megatron is dead. Finally we hear the ominous laugh of Scorponok who reveals himself to the Autobots, and orders Tidal wave to continue his attack. Ironhide finds the injured Hotshot, but Hotshot insists that Ironhide goes on to protect Kicker. The Autobots Energon weapons begin to run out as Ironhide & Kicker reach the bases interior, but they discover that they must head back out with some Omnicons to find a new source of Energon. Kicker quickly is able to lock on to one (illustrated by his glowing hair color change).

However, when they arrive Scorponok is there to greet them. Ironhide attacks, but Scorponok is way too powerful. Ironhide grabs onto the stinging tail of Scorponok, but Kicker gives him the Energon Star meant for Hot Shot, so that he can free himself. With an Energon upgrade of his own is ready to fight again. However like most evil leaders, once the advantage is lost, Scorponok calls out to Tidal wave and orders a retreat. As the Terrorcons drones retreat, several are destroyed. One of them drops their raw, unprocessed Energon boosters, which Tidal wave attempts to absorb. As he does he is struck by a powerful electronic force which leaves him scarred with the yellow Lighting bolts (synonymous with the Energon toy version). Because of his bravery in battle, Optimus Prime grants Ironhide his own Combination Spark. Back in the Ocean City, Demolishor wonders if its true what Tidal wave said about Megatron coming back.

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Submitted by: O. Supreme ......................... Copyright 2004 Axalon Underground

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