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Megatron Resurrected

Airdate TV Tokyo: 2/14/04 Cartoon Network: 03/06/2004

This episode begins showing several attacks by the Terrorcons, all of which are thwarted by the Autobots increased defenses. Both on earth, and in Space, the Autobots appear to be well fortified because they are now able to use Energon to power their cities. Kicker thinks it's great that they finally have the upper hand, but his female's friend, Misha (or Mika), has reservations about using Energon for the purpose of war, while Kicker reasons that they are using it for peaceful purposes: only to protect themselves from being attacked. Scorponok himself leads another raid against Desert City, whose defenses are offline while the Omnicons work on them. For the first time we get to see some of Optimus Prime's parts function independently in battle. Kicker has an idea that if he follows one of the ravage drones he can use it to find energon for them, while the Omnicons finish up their work so they can quickly bring the city defenses on-line. Scorponok & the others retreat quickly. Scorponok returns to Alpha Q who is extremely upset with their recent failures, and the lack of progress towards awakening Unicron. Alpha Q feels it's time to cut their losses and get rid of Cyclonus & Tidal Wave. Also he is tired of Megatron's dormant spark siphoning energon intended for Unicron. Alpha Q reminds Scorponok that he is expendable.

Cyclonus & Tidal Wave appear again before their fallen leader, they are destitute as it appears he will never live again. Cyclonus becomes belligerent and reminds Tidal wave of how badly Megatron treated the Decepticons, and begins kicking his remains, however a voice from beyond is heard "DON'T DO THAT!" -Megatron it appears may yet be alive! Scorponok then appears with Megatron's sword to fulfill his assignment to remove what is draining the energon from Unicron. He slashes Tidal Wave, and incapacitates him. Then he attacks Megatron's remains, by running the sword right through the center of his chest. However it appears this is what Megatron needed to be revived as it empowers him to break forth from his old shell and appear in a brand new body. Megatron asks who is responsible for what has transpired. Scorponok then attacks Megatron, but an enraged Megatron fights back with intense fury. In the beginning it appears the combatants are even as they exchange blows, however Megatron quickly gains the upper hand and it appears he doesn't intend to cease his assault until Scorponok is destroyed. Under Megatron's heel, a badly disfigured Scorponok begs to be spared as both he and Cyclonus swear that Alpha Q is really the one responsible for using his power. Megatron's then brands Scorponok with the Decepticon emblem, as they all go to confront Alpha Q. Megatron breaks his way into Alpha Q's secret chamber where they exchange unpleasant greetings. Alpha Q spouts something about Unicron returning, but Megatron of course will not let anyone, even Unicron stand in his way. He hunts the fleeing Alpha Q until the alien is cornered. Suddenly Unicron begins to break apart, and the Chaos Bringer's head emerges and separates from his body, taking Alpha Q with him. Scorponok warns Megatron that Alpha Q will return, but as far as Megatron is concerned, it's good riddance for him. Megatron, in control of the Terrorcon hordes, wastes no time in planning an attack on Earth to steal energon, and to test Scorponok's loyalty.

With all the recent victories, the Autobots seem to have let their guard down as only Hotshot is at Plains City, where the Decepticons & Terrorcons show up. Hotshot is not concerned at first; however he cannot believe his eyes when it appears that Megatron has returned.

Kicker feel's a sense of urgency and eventually all the Autobots show up. When they all arrive however the city is in ruins. Optimus looks on in shock & disbelief to see his arch rival, Megatron standing before him, Megatron has in his hand a badly damaged & dismembered Hotshot which he tosses like a rag doll toward the Autobots. The stage is set for an intense battle, in the tradition of a classic cliffhanger.

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