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The New Cybertron City
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Rodimus: Friend or Foe?
Go For Unicron!

The New Cybertron City

Airdate TV Tokyo: 02/07/2004 Cartoon Network: 02/28/2004

This Episode Begins with Kicker walking through a foggy environment to a yellow glowing spot. The fog clears to reveal a huge snowy mountain, when suddenly kicker is awakened from his dream. He looks up on a laptop several mountains and finds the one that matches his dream and says he's discovered the newest Energon Point.

The next scene is of Kicker & Grindor exploring the snowy mountain of his dream, Strongarm is there as well, who seems nervous about being so far from the base camp. Strongarm returns to help the others haul the equipment. Some distance away we get a glimpse of Demolishor still playing over in his mind the events of the past encounter with Cyclonus & Tidal Wave, and he reiterates his doubts about Megatron being alive. We next see Unicron still being worked on by Terrorcons; Tidal Wave & Cyclonus are present as well. They are examining Unicron's remains in hopes of finding Megatron, which they do. They call out to him, but of course he is still dead. Cyclonus & Tidal Wave insist that the Energon be used to revive Megatron, but Scorponok suggests that they consult Alpha Q, Alpha Q sends Cyclonus & Tidal wave out to procure more energon, because he says that it will take much more energon to revive Megatron. Back on Cybertron, Rad & Kicker's Father, Dr. Jones, proceed to perform maintenance on Prime's new Powerlinx parts, they also ask that they receive the exact coordinates of the Energon Point as soon as it is located.

Back at the Energon Point, an argument erupts between Demolishor & Ironhide. Ironhide doesn't trust Demolisher because he was once a Decepticon. Hotshot tries to break it up, but Demolishor just walks away in disgust. Kicker, still scanning for Energon, is caught in a sudden blizzard and falls into a deep canyon. The Autobots realize they've lost contact with Kicker and Demolishor actually volunteers to go try to find him, even though he mostly wants to just be alone and away from Autobots. Ironhide is ordered to go with Demolisher, so he goes along as well.

Kicker has another flashback of his past. Kicker & his whole family are aboard the a spaceship in route back to Earth. His dad explains that they need tofind some more energon before they can complete their journey back to Earth. Kicker & his dad are next seen in a Rover type vehicle on the surface of a planet. Kicker's dad knows that his son has the special gift of being able to locate energon, as he uses it to quickly discover more of the energy source. The call in some Omnicons and a base is quickly set up.

Kicker then awakens from unconsciousness at the bottom of a deep cavern of ice. He's injured, and angry as he wonders if he'll make it out. The other Autobots continue to look for Kicker in the blizzard. Hotshot locates him and makes contact with all the Autobots both in the area, and back at Ocean City. The Autobots detected enemy signals converging on Kicker's location, so they leave to help him.

Out of the Blizzard however appears Cyclonus followed by Tidal Wave, and a fleet of Terrorcons. They attack and bury Hotshot in an avalanche; thedemand that thge Autobots turn over their energon. Kicker tries to ascend out of the canyon with the help of his Minicon, but it doesn't have enough energy to make it up all the way.

A partial avalanche however helps kicker get about way up the canyon wall. Demolishor & Ironhide begin to attack the Terrorcons together. Hotshot unburies himself and joins them. Cyclonus & Tidal Wave appear before Demolishor however and he ceases his attack. Now the trial begins. Both sides begin to pressure him about loyalty until Cyclonus is distracted by a conversation from Kicker to Strongarm about locating Energon nearby. Strongarm is able to pull Kicker & his Minicon out of the canyon, but just as they do however a group of Divebomb Terrorcons swarms in for an attack.

Optimus & Co. arrive, though, to save the day. All the Autobots then assemble as Kicker leads the way to stop the Ravage drones from stealing all the energon from the Energon Point.

Back on Cybertron, Rad & Kicker's father are finally finished with their surprise and Optimus orders the recon team to withdraw to a safe location. Dr. Jones & Rad inform Jetfire that they are sending it over the Space Bridge to the Energon Point. To everyone's total disbelief it is a whole NEW Cybertron City, which descends on the mountain and destroys all the drones underneath. Scorponok shows up with reinforcements and orders the cowering Cyclonus to attack the new city. The Autobots enter the city, which is well fortified, as city defenses begin to clear the sky of Terrorcons. Scorponok and the others quickly retreat back to the void, but not before Signal Flare scans Megatron's Sword for duplication purposes. Again Demolishor is left alone, thinking about Megatron. He doubts even more that Megatron lives, because the Megatron he knew would have been on the front lines fighting along side his warriors. Elsewhere, Kicker is reminded of his memory of finding the first energon source with his dad, and how no matter what his father has always protected him and looked out for him.

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