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Megatron's Sword

Airdate TV Tokyo: 1/31/04 Cartoon Network: 02/21/2004

Inside the dead planet which used to be Unicron, the Terrorcons unload there Energon deposits which slowly but surely begin to repair the Chaos Bringer, much to the delight of Alpha Q. He calls out to Scorponok, and examines the dormant spark of Megatron, which is a in need of much of Energon. Megatron will never recover unless he is transfused with much energon, because his spark is so weak.

Ironhide practices linking with Jetfire, and fails miserably. Jetfire says he'll have to do better if he wants to use his Spark of Combination.

There we get a quick glimpse on Mars of the Energon Saber Minicons before the scene shifts back to Cybertron. Dr. Jones, Kicker's father, & Rad speak to Kicker regarding the Mini-Cons, when Ironhide interrupts thinking he's figured out how to use his combination spark. Kicker's father then sees that Tidal wave has arrived on Mars. The Omnicons question why he is there, at first he claims to be there on a peaceful mission, but he later reveals he is there to take the Energon, as tons of Terrorcons unleash their attack. Tidal wave seems to be a blind to anything beyond the resurrection of Megatron. Scorponok arrives also to oversee the battle and taunts the minicons who try to protect their energon mine.

Kicker prepares to leave for Mars wth the Prime Force, on a hover-board, the new Grindor and Ironhide desperately wants to go help the Minicons on Mars, but Prime orders them to stay and protect Earth. Kicker's anger however seems to draw the attention of Demolishor, who is curious about what's going on. Suddenly a space bridge portal opens and Cyclonus emerges. Demolishor is enamored to see his old friend once again, as Kicker & Ironhide watch on.

The Energon Saber Minicons arrive at Cybertron City, as they apparently give prime some sort of warning (in digital speak of course).

Next, tons of Terrorcons beginning to repower Unicron by dropping their Energon deposits onto the Chaos-Bringer's shatter form. Alpha Q then presents Scorponok with Megatron's sword, the Star Sabre and charges him to use the sword to destroy all of the Autobots and steal Earth's energon. The Autobots then power up with Energon Stars, however Cyclonus and Demolishor blow past them and enter the Space Bridge. They arrive where Tidal wave and Scorponok are beginning an attack on earth, and begin attacking the Terrorcons apparently in an attempt to get their friend Tidal wave back. Cyclonus talks to Tidal wave as Hotshot charges against Scorponok only to be cut down by Megatron's sword, which is extremely powerful. Scorponok then confronts Optimus Prime. Once Cyclonus & Demolishor discover however the sword Scorponok has came from Megatron, Cyclonus switches sides and attacks the Autobots. The old castle, which is the battleground, begins to erupt in flames. Hotshot tries to reason with Cyclonus to no avail, while Demolishor cannot decide on his allegiance just yet because he has his doubts that Megatron lives.

Kicker finally arrives with the "Energon Saber" and cuts through Terrorcons like they were nothing; also he decides to use his new found weapon as a surfboard. Jetfire then ask Ironhide if he is ready for them to combine. Super-linked Ironhide then takes the Energon Saber and deflects Scorponok attack thus saving Optimus Prime. Scorponok loses the Megatron Sword as the Decepticons then fight for its possession. Optimus Prime grabs Scorpnok's tail and tells Ironhide to finish him off with the Energon Saber, however Tidal wave picks up Megatron's sword & provides just enough cover fire for Scorponok to escape. Cyclonus decides to join them; however a distraught Demolishor is left behind questioning who he is and his allegiance.

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